Google Multi-Page

Scrape Google Search Results (Multiple Pages)


Use Excel VBA to automate the task of (1) searching for a single search term and (2) retrieving the search results for multiple pages into an Excel worksheet


In this example, we want to search for the term “Roger Federer” and get all the search results from page 1 to page 5

Worksheet Prerequisites:

Cell A1: Input your search term (“Roger Federer”)

Cell A2: Number of pages to gather data from (5 = scrape all data from Page 1 to Page 5)


Open Internet Explorer

Browse to

Input search value from Excel (cell A1) into Google’s search bar

Click the “Google Search” button

Loop Step 1: For each search result, print the (1) Title and (2) Link* into worksheet (Cell B1 & B2)

Loop Step 2: Add a page counter, print the page# the data was retrieved from in the last column

Loop Step 3: Click “Next Page”

*Note: When VBA retrieve the url, it is stored as text, to change it to a clickable hyperlink, add the following:

Set Hlinks = Application.Selection
For Link In Hlinks
Application.ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Link, Link.Value

Repeat Loop until the Google result page is 1 page pass the inputted value in cell A1

Close browser (ie.quit; Optional)

Input appropriate headers for each column in worksheet row 1