Scape Post Information from Reddit’s Front Page


Use Excel VBA to scrape from Reddit’s front page, retrieving each post in ranking order for multiple pages

For each returned search result, scrape the following:




Outbound Link

Time Posted

Posted By

User Profile


Link to Sub

Number of Comments

Link to Comments


In this example, we will get all the post information on Reddit’s frontpage, from page 1 to 5.

Each page has 25 posts.


Worksheet Prerequisites:

Cell A1: Number of pages to gather data from (5 = scrape all data from Page 1 to Page 5)


Code Breakdown:

Open browser window

Browse to

Loop Step 1: For each post, retrieve the Rank, Upvotes, Title, Outbound Link, Time Posted, Posted By, User Profile, Subreddit, Link to Sub, Number of Comments and Link to Comments

Loop Step 2: Click “Next Page”

Repeat Loop until the result page is one page pass the inputted value in cell A1

Close browser (ie.quit; Optional)

Input appropriate headers for each column in worksheet row 1